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Vol.48, No.3, PP.105-152
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he Influence of Hydrological Events and Check Dams upon the Geomorphic Changes of the Meng-Gu Waterfall
Cheng-Wei Kuo[1] Su-Chin Chen[1]* Feng-Jyi Chang[2] Kai-Xuan Su[1] Min-Chih Liang[1] Yi-Jun Liu[1] Chia-Ling Huang[1]
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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Using a 2D Hydrodynamic Model to Assess the Dredging Efficiency in an Upstream Creek
Hsun-Chuan Chan[1] Liang-Jyun Ciou[1] Chen-Chieh Peng[1] Chern-Yuan Chang[2] Ping-Jung Kuo[2]
* Corresponding Author. E-mail : hcchan@
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Simulation and Application of Protection Facilities for Rockfall Hazard Area Based on the Discrete Element Method and Photogrammetry
Yu-Sen Lai Jun-Min Wang Chia-Ming Lo* Jian-Jie Lin
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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The Influence of Velocity on Brick Structure Vulnerability and Debris Flow Hazard
Chih-Hao Hsu* Ting-Chi Tsao
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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The Influence of Velocity on Brick Structure Vulnerability and Debris Flow Hazard
Chih-Hao Hsu* Ting-Chi Tsao

The destruction of structures in debris flow events is most related to inundation height and the velocity of debris flow. However, previous studies had established structure vulnerability curves mostly based on inundation height. This study aims to find the relationship between vulnerability and impact forces (velocity and height). When a structure is struck by debris flow, the impact force is transformed to the displacement of the structure. In this study the dynamic impact force of debris flow needed to generate the displacement was based on the study of Haugen and Kaynia (2008). The fragility curve of a brick structure to spectral displacement was based on HAZUS (2003) damage state probability studies. After establishing the fragility curves under different damage state probabilities, we combined the fragility curves into a unitary curve for different velocities (2 to 20 m/s).
Key Words: Debris flow, vulnerability, impact force.
Disaster Prevention Technology Research Center, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, INC., Taiwan, R.O.C.
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
Received: 2017/03/30
Revised: 2017/05/04
Accepted: 2017/07/14
Public Hazard Perception and Adjustment Behavior in the Lao-Jie River Watershed, Taoyuan City
Wei-De Tseng Shyue-Cherng Liaw*
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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