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Vol.54, No.4, PP.239-298
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Stabilization Measures of Earth Embankments Through Model Tests
Ching-Yu Wen Zheng-Yi Feng *
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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Stabilization Measures of Earth Embankments Through Model Tests
Ching-Yu Wen Zheng-Yi Feng *

The Dadu Pumping Station plays a crucial role as a water facility in Dadu District, Taichung, Taiwan.The water supply embankment upstream of the pumping station is often breached by floods in the Dadu Creek, resulting in considerable risks of flooding in local agriculture fields. In this study, several model tests were conducted to identify the likely improvement measures of embankments. The displacement behaviors of model embankments were examined in terms of different construction methods. This study provides the following three major findings. First, embankment failure not only causes soil loss but also progressive retrogressive erosion. Second, the differences in seismic signals
recorded during embankment failure, such as complex slides, intermittent slides, and compound slides, are recognizable.
Third, a strong correlation exists between water storage capacity and embankment seepage. To determine changes in
the upstream water level of embankments, a hydrograph was used along with the Puls method. Overall, the results of
this study can serve as a reference for future embankment design.
Key Words: embankment, model test, Puls method, seismic signal, landslide, erosion
Department of Soil and Water Conservation, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung 402, Taiwan, R.O.C.
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
Received: 2023/03/14
Revised: 2023/04/25
Accepted: 2023/05/20
Landslide Characteristics and Evolution of a Large-Scale Landslide in Hong-Yeh Village
Pei-Hsi Wang[1] Chia-Chun Wu[2] De-Ling Wu[3] Kuo-Tsai Lin[3] Chang-Ching Yen[3] Tsan-Tang Ko[3]
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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Estimating the Relationship between Landslide Area and Slope Unit Characteristics through Classification and Regression Trees
Chun-Yi Wu[1] Ya-Xin Chen[2]* Wei-Chun Chang[3]
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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Groundwater Flow in Unconfined Aquifers with Transient Boundary Water Tables under Time-Varying Recharge
An-Ping Wang* Ping-Cheng Hsieh
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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A Study on Adaptability of Groundsill Works to Riverbed Gradation considering the Stability Control
Chih-Wei Lu[1] Mu-Xi Wang[1] * Wei-Lin Lee[2] Yuan-Jung Tsai[3]
* Corresponding Author. E-mail :
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